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QR reports and windows 2000/XP for reports of two pages or more

I have written an application in Delphi 4 that uses QR reports to generate reports. Under Windows 95/98/NT I have no problems. However, under Windows 2000 and XP I get an access violation error when I create reports that are two or more pages in length, one page reports don't have a problem.

Is there a compatability problem affecting QR (supplied with Delphi 4) under Windows 2000 and Windows XP?
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Mohammed NasmanSoftware Developer


   There's some problems with QuickReport and win2000, try to update ur edition and look in the site for more info


I work with Win2000 and Delphi5 QR and haven't any problem what kind of problems do you have. There is a proble as far as I know with some printers. They are described at QR site as said www.qusoft.com.

I ran into that same error.

I was using delphi 4.01 and quickreports 2.0k and it always bombed on win2k if the report was > 1 page.

my solution required upgrading quickreports to 3.0.8, and using delphi 5.0

you might be able to get away with using QR 3.0.8 and delphi 4.01 if you do not have the ability to up and buy delphi 5, or 6...

good luck

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