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NTLM user database

najma asked
is there a NTLM user database where the logon username&
password 'll be stored?.can we access usernames&passwords
for authentication using NTLM?
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NTLM is the protocol, SAM (Security Access Manager) is the set of databases used.
Yes, as well as through normal NT Server and desktop OS interfaces the SAM can also be accessed through API's. E.g. ADSI (Active Directory System Interface) already exists from the pre-ADS times and has calls which work also on the SAM.

Hope this helps,

<Erik> - The Netherlands

Just to add my contribution: the username/password pairs are actually stored nowhere in NT. What's stored is a password hash derived from the password, so accessing the database is useless, since the hashes cannot be reverted to the original password.

If you wish to, you find the data in the \winnt\system32\config\sam file. You can peek into the file if you use good old regedt32.exe, set focus on HKLM root, and then open the file using the "load structure" menu. To get at the file it needs to be offline, so you need a second NT version, or use tricks like rdisk /s or the NT backup program to get at the unlocked file. Unfortunately, if you look into it you see the user- and group names, but the rest of the data is all encrypted.

Armin Linder
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