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cleaning the hdd and installing RH72

slok asked
I used to have win98 and Linux (can't remember which distro) on my machine.

From win98, I use fdisk to delete all the partitions
except the active partition.

After that, I did a reboot and try to install
Rh7.2 from CDROM.

However, it goes into console mode and show me
something like "grub".
I believe there is still something left over at
boot sector or even the undeleted win98 partition.

How can I wipe out the whole hdd?
And do a install easily....

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grub is a boot-manager, you need to configure it ('cause you still have w98 laying around).


will using a win98 boot disk to boot up and delete the win98 partition helps avoid "grub".

basically, what I wanted to do is have a fresh install on
the machine. I don't want the win98 anymore. Only want to
install Linux on that machine.

I'd play it like that:

If you can boot from CD-ROM:

First try to reset your master boot record:
go to a dos prompt & type:

C:\> fdisk /mbr

You need to have to reset your master boot first, because
only deleting the partitons will still leave the existing boot loader

Then insert your Linux installation Cdrom & start.
Once you get to the point of partitioning your disk space,
just select all available space for Linux. Then have the
the partitions written to disk & available space formatted.
All previous installations will have been gone.


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