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I need a Omnibook 800CT notebook bootdisk files

simala asked
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Last Modified: 2007-12-19

I bought a second hand Omnibook 800CT in a auction w/o OS etc. I downloaded all the drivers from the website. But the PC card socket driver installation needs the boot disk which is not avalable from the web.

I wonder if anyone have one and can send me the files.

My email address will follow.


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You may be able to find one at www.bootdisk.com



If I am not mistaken, the normal boot disk for Windows 95 won't work. Though there is a link of HP in the web site you introduced, that links to HP official web site I visited before intensively and I believe I can find the other drivers for display, mouse etc but not the boot disk files.

So I prefer being given a copy of the specific boot disk files straight from someone who is also a user of Omnibook 800CT.
Kyle SchroederEndpoint Engineer

I can't imagine why you would need a boot disk to install PCMCIA card drivers.  Or are these drivers used to connect a CD-ROM drive via the PC card port so that you can install Win98, etc?  What OS are you running (or trying to install)?

I think your chances of finding someone here with your specific laptop is quite low...please explain what your current situation is.  Do you have Windows 95 installed, or was I correct that you need the PC Card drivers to get to the CD??

Kyle SchroederEndpoint Engineer


This is the HP Support Disk for your system (Omnibook 800).  Save the file, then open it.  Read the README.TXT file on how to create the disk (must be done from a MS-DOS prompt).  I believe it has the required drivers.

Here is the manual for Installing Windows on the PC:


See Section 2-4




Thanks for the links. I will try to see whether it is applicable.

I installed w95 without using the CD from HP. I used PKZIP to copy only-needed files of w95 (about 50 M)to a separate partition and then installed it. I spanned them so that I could feed one floppy after another.

Of course, the display refused to be higher 16 colours etc. So I downloaded the drivers from HP to fix it and the others. The last part is the PC card support which I can't setup.

I pasted the readme for PC card Support I tried to follow and got stuck last year.

The reason is very simple:
I have no OmniBook Recovery CD and OmniBook boot disk. See procedure 2 and 3 (to get the option of SCSI only).
And I don't think you can find them on the HP official web site.

So currently, I can't use the PC card holder. It doesn't bother me if I can't connect an external CD Rom, since I can use direct cable connection. But I want to use the PC card holder for the PC card modem, for example.

Do you think I can get the boot disk files from the link you gave me?



 PC Card (PCMCIA) Support
HP OmniBook 800 with retail Windows 95 installed.
HP OmniBook Recovery CD and CDROM drive.
     Note: 1This procedure is only necessary if you have
     installed retail Windows 95 on the OmniBook 800.


1.   Connect the OmniBook 800 floppy drive and CDROM drive.
2.   Insert the OmniBook Recovery CD in the CDROM drive.
3.   Insert the OmniBook 800 boot disk in drive A:\ and reboot the unit.
     Select SCSI only.
4.   At the DOS prompt change to the CDROM drive and goto the directory
5.   Type xcopy *.* C:\CARDWORK.
6.   Select D for directory when xcopy prompts.
7.   Change directory to \OMNIBOOK\DRIVERS\WIN95\PCMCIA\WINDOWS\SYSTEM on the
     Recovery CD.
8.   Type xcopy *.* C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.
9.   Change directory to \OMNIBOOK\DRIVERS\WIN95\WINDOWS\INF on the Recovery CD.
10.  Type xcopy PCMCIA.INF C:\WINDOWS\INF.
11.  Change directory to \OMNIBOOK\DRIVERS\WIN95\PCMCIA.
12.  Type xcopy PCMCIA.REG C:\.
13.  Remove the OmniBook boot disk from the floppy drive and reboot the
     OmniBook into Windows 95.
14.  Open a DOS window and type regedit C:\PCMCIA.REG.
15.  Reboot the OmniBook into Windows 95.
16.  The PCMCIA.REG file in C:\ and be removed.
17.  The following lines should be added to the CONFIG.SYS file if PCMCIA
     support is needed in MS-DOS mode.

REM -- OmniBook Socket Services driver required for card slot support

REM -- Card Services driver required for card slot support
devicehigh=C:\CARDWORK\CS.EXE /POLL:1

REM -- Initial resource allocator required for card slot support

REM -- ATA card driver required for ATA cards
devicehigh=C:\CARDWORK\ATADRV.EXE /S:2

REM -- Driver required for RAM cards

REM -- Memory card driver required for all memory cards

REM -- Card identification driver required for cards other than memory cards


Some PC card modems come with PCMCIA socket enablers included on driver disk. Specifically, I have used a utility called ixen.exe to enable support for my PC card modem. Works on different brands of laptops, but gives only modem support in the PC card bay. If you want to use a PCMCIA NIC, you may need the complete card and socket services. Not necessarily from HP, but from PCMCIA controller mfg. Also, w95 seems to be able to handle many PCMCIA controllers by itself. Naturally, HP may have used some proprietary gimmickry to make life "easier" for the honoured customers.
Endpoint Engineer

Try those drivers.  They're for a Fujitsu PC, but it appears to be the same PCMCIA controller.

Kyle SchroederEndpoint Engineer

Glad I could help!