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Contacts in WORD

wmyron asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-28
I have a new computer with MS WIN XP Home Edition and MD Office XP Small Business.I use Outlook, and entered a couple of Contacts. In my previous computer with MS ME and Office 2000,I could locate the window for Envelopes and click on the icon (a spread open book), and get a window with the address I selected. This won't work for some reason now. I've tried everything I can think of, no luck.

I asked this question once before and got an email from, I believe,Community Support. on't know why. Hope this time I get an Expert.  
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IT Architect/Technology Delivery Manager
You have to add an address book for that to work. Right click on the Outlook icon on your desktop and choose properties. Next, choose Email Accounts. Click on the radio button, Add a new directory or address book and click next. From the next window choose the Additional address books radio button and choose next. From the next window, choose personal address book and click next. From the next window you can either click browse to add an already existing address book or you can click on Ok to finish with the default address book. This will allow you to us the Address book button in Outlook now. However, it will only display listings and may prompt you to add a new contact.

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Hope this helps!
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Worked 1st time!!!
I do suggest mike check in XP. For example, I had no browse command as suggested. However, I'm more than pleased. Wait till I tell Mike Dell--wrote him complaining about promise of 7/24 support. His techs won't help me since over 30 days.
mikecrIT Architect/Technology Delivery Manager

Sorry if I may have overlooked exact instructions. I work with 97, 2K, and XP versions and sometimes they can get muddled togethor.

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