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Outlook won't send immediately

On two networked PCs with Win2KPro, both are set up identically to send and receive mail--under Tools/Options/Mail Setup, both are checked for "Send mail immediately when connected."

Only one PC actually sends mail as soon as "Send" is clicked in a message. On the other PC, mail sits in the Outbox until hitting the "Send and Receive" button in the main toolbar, or until it auto sends and receives.

I've tried to both reinstall and repair Outlook on the slower machine, but no change.  
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Have you already installed the latest service packs available for Office / Outlook?  You might want to visit http://officeupdate.microsoft.com and obtain the latest updates to see if this fixes a documented bug.

The account properties in the one that doesn't send right away needs to be set to a LAN connection.  (See Tools | Accounts if using Outlook 98/2000 in Internet Mail Only mode)


I checked for updates for Office XP, but everything is current on both PCs.  

Also, all email account connections are set to LAN only.  

I looked thoroughly and see no other difference in settings between the two machines.  
Long shot... but is IE set to work offline or was File | Work Offline selected in Outlook 2002?


Bingo!  This is one setting I did think to consider.  As soon as I unchecked the option to Work Offline, messages were sent immediately from the Outbox.  Thanks Neo_mvps!

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