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Problem Starting Mail Session

piratepatrol asked
Hi friends,

When I run "EXEC xp_startmail", I get the following error:

"xp_startmail: Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client."

But I do have Microsoft Outlook running and it is the default mail client!  What am I missing?  Please help.

Thanks, friends.

Jazon from Jacksonville, FL
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Check who is trying to use the mapi client.
From Books On Line, may be helps:

If mapi_profile_name and mapi_profile_password are provided, Microsoft SQL Server attempts to log on to Windows NT Mail (or other MAPI provider) using that user name and password. If mapi_profile_name and mapi_profile_password are provided but are incorrect, an error message is returned. If mapi_profile_name and mapi_profile_password are not provided, SQL Server uses the user name and password specified in the SQL Server Properties dialog box. If no user name or password is explicitly provided, SQL Server will attempt to log in to the MAPI provider using the default MAPI profile. Some MAPI providers may be configured to use Windows Authentication, in which a case, the MAPI password is ignored.
If you use xp_startmail to start your mail sessions, you can optionally supply your login name and password so that you do not have to type it at the command prompt. However, SQL Mail will not piggyback an existing client session of Windows NT Mail if one is running. This behavior differs from SQL Server version 7.0 and earlier.
If there is an existing mail session, xp_startmail does not start a new one. If mail is being used on the same computer on which SQL Server is also running, the mail client must be started either before xp_startmail is executed, or before SQL Server is started if SQL Mail is configured to automatically start when SQL Server starts.

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Is the SQL Server Service running under NT Account?
If not, do change this.

Then, log on to the SQL Server box using that account, and verify that you can open the Mail Client, which should also use the "default" profile. Opening the client should succeed without any message or popup (for example Auto-Archive...)

This should help.


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