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Katze asked
Where can I find all the classes with there functions etc... all the documentation (Like Java) on C++ classes?
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Please be more specific.  What classes do you want documentation on?


Ok, I don't want a tutorial and I don't have a specific class!! I want all of them!  On Java Sun web site, we can find ALL the classes of Java and their methods etc... Can I find that with C++?
Well, which classes do you mean?

The C++ Standard Library is documented in just about any recent C++ book, the best reference I have is the Josuttis book: C++ Standard Library, The: A Tutorial and Reference, see: http://cseng.awl.com/book/0,3828,0201379260,00.html

There are many web sites that document this sort of thing, try: http://www.cetus-links.org/oo_c_plus_plus.html for many.

There are no real other 'Standard' classes as there in Java - (this is IMHO one of the weaknesses of Java - it confuses the programming language and the programming platform - most of the 'standard' classes you talk about in Java are elements of the Java platform).  

Treading, for example, is a system dependant concept, and thus classes that manage it are on a per-system basis, although they can of course be encapsulated for portability.
My example in the previous comment should of course have been 'Threading'

Unfortunately, I have never seen a complete standard library reference outside of the standard.  However, there are some good references for some parts.

For the legacy C functions and libraries, you can't beat the good old man pages.  (Unless of course, you have the misfortuce of programming on Windows, in which case it's off to msdn.micorsotf.com)

For the STL part of the standard library reference, I've come to rely on the SGI website, it is complete and well laid out.  http://www.sgi.com/tech/stl/

Otherwise, I go to Stroustrup's "The C++ Programming Language".  Nothing like getting it from the creator of the language.

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