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setup ppp server on solaris

wingshum asked
I setup a ppp server on solaris 7. The network diagram as follows

local network    ppp adaptor
--------sun ppp -------modem------   ppp client
|       server
host A

the PPP client can dialup to the server and pass authentication. But the client can only reach to the server ip for other host on this net say host A it cannot reach.

What settings I was missed ?

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So let me het this right, when you dialup your isp. You can no longer contact your local lan addresses ?

Is that what you mean ?


This is not my meaning.

the sun server will serve dial-in user to access local lan
Oh i see, yep you would need to configure the client to use the servers ip address ( the 192. one) for its default gateway, then it can route through the sun server onto the lan. You may have to setup up routing between the interfaces though.
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