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A tool for generation of source

s_lavanya_77 asked
Is there any tool for generating the source from the exe or dll under windows platform?
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Hi s_lavanya_77,
    There is no tool available, that gets c++ source from dll, or exe.
    I think it is impossible


You already have the source.  Of course, it's machine code  ;-)

The process of compiling removes any possibility of regenerating the original source.  All comments are stripped, the preprocessor does its bit (by which time you've already lost a fair bit of the use of having the source code), and that's before the compiler gets it.  Then you have the conversion of each routine to machine code, which if it was literally "replace } with jmp XXX" then you _might_ stand a chance of getting back to the preprocessor's output.  

Oops!  What about virtual functions, templates, objects even?  Artifices of the language, and will not be visible in the compiled code.

And then there's optimisation...

Basically, there is no chance that you could do this.  The best way of checking is seeing if anyone has done it.  If you could get the source code for any program you wanted, people would do it.  They do not.

hi lavanya

There is a tool convert exe to source code. it is in www.hackers.com . this site is for educational purpose only.
but u can get disassemble instructions in a c format .

u cannot get true c code from exe file but u can try with the tool.

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