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HP Deskjet 695c Print Cancel on Windows XP

I have a HP Deskjet 695c, which I am currently using as a network printer on 2 PCs. One has Win95 and the other has WinXP. With Win95 if I want to cancel printing I can simply remove the paper from the printer and a dialog box will appear asking me if I want to cancel printing. Responding to this dialog box cancels printing immediately. On WinXP it appears nothing short of turning off the printer and the PC will cancel printing a document. Clicking on the printer icon and selecting "cancel printing" has no immediate effect.
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If you installed the 695c on Win95 with the cd or floppy disks that it came with, then we know that the drivers are made by HP. The drivers for the 695c on WinXP is another story. Those drivers are made by Microsoft. The differences in drivers will cause the canceling of printing to be different.


I am already aware that the Microsoft Driver for WinXP is not 100% compatible, but I was hoping someone had a solution to the problem, not just a reason for the problem.
One method of causing print cancelation with the DJ-690 is to lift the lid, this should cause an error message to appear on screen at this point you should be able to select cancel.

You may be fuffering from a communications problem caused by the port driver in XP, I found that I had to set my port to either Bi-Di or SPP to get that model to work properly. Try changing the prot to SPP and let us know if this is of benefit

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