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Disk Defragmenting

Smitty103097 asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-29
Recently my computer seems to have slowed quite a bit so I decided to defrag the hard drive to see if that helped.  First, I attempted to run Norton's Speed Disk but an error message that said, "Window~3 contains illegal long file name entries on drive c:  Run NDD32 to correct".  I then ran Norton Disk Doctor (NDD32) but when it starts checking the Directory Structure it keeps "restarting due to disk write".  The same problem occurs when I use Windows 98 Disk Defragmenter.  It will reach a certain point and then restart.  I've tried closing all programs that I can think of that might be causing this problem but I still can't get the programs to work.  If anyone has an idea how to fix this I'd sure appreciate hearing from you.
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Restart in SAFE MODE before running Norton Disk Doctor.

When you see the option F1 message at startup, IMMEDIATELY press F8.  You will see a menu.  SAFE MODE should appear as option 3.

another thing you can do is to run msconfig, and choose selective startup, uncheck "load startup group items" and click ok.  Then restart and run ndd and nsd.

If you still have problems, try disabling your screen saver.
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In addition to the good advise above, disable your virus scanner, and press ctrl+alt+del and end task on all but systrya and explorer before running defrag

Hi Smitty!
Read this article:
It is about about scanDisk but usually the problems for scandisk and defrag are the same.
I don't know if it has been commented but you can always sun defrag utility in windows safe mode.
Good luck

you should run a thorough scandisk in windows with the option to automatically fix errors checked. then follow above advice and run defrag in safe mode or with screensaver & startup programs disabled

I do not recommend mixing Norton Speed Disk & its recommendations with windows defrag/scandisk. choose one or the other and stick to it or you'll create more errors than you fix.

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