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Blue screen during boot after installing W2000 drivers for HP CD

awilson1199 asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-13
I downloaded and installed Hewlett Packard Record Now and DLA (Direct Letter Access) software from HP for my HP 8200i Plus CD Writer on my Windows 2000 Pro system. After installing Record Now it required a reboot, it rebooted fine. Then I installed DLA and during the process it uninstalled my Adaptec DirectCD (which was giving me nothing but problems). Then it required a reboot. When it rebooted I got a blue screen saying I either have a virus, a hard disk problem or a hardware driver problem (duh!). I have tried every option under F8 setup and they all still give me the blue screen. Can't get to Safe Mode, or even the command line they all give the blue screen.

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reboot in with a clean bootable floppy and check for virus.


Can you boot to your Win2000 CD? If so then when if finally boots to the CD choose "Repair Console" this will allow you to use the command line. From here do something like this.

COPY /Y C:\WINNT\repair\RegBack\*.* C:\WINNT\system32\config\*.*

This will replace the registry to the last time the registry was backuped.

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I forgot to point out that the problem may be resolved by hitting the F8 key at bootup and choosing "Last Known Configuration".
Also if you desire not to copy over the entire registry you can do it one hive at a time. Following is a list of the files that are the registry hives. I would suggest starting with the System hive and then reboot and if the problem still persists do the Software hive next.


I would suggest to first backup these hives from the C:\WINNT\system32\config\ to folder of your making or choice just don't back them up to the C:\WINNT\repair\RegBack\ folder.


I have tried Last Know Good Configuration from the F8 menu and it also gives me the blue screen.

I will try the other suggestions tonight.

you may want to try an inplace upgrade which will repair your windows and leave all your files the way they were.
Boot with the windows2000 cd and when the menu comes up select new installation then when you get to the sreen that asks you which partition you want to install on you should have an option to repair the current windows installation.Select this option ,and it will upgrade and repair your windows.
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If none of the above works, Install win2k into a new directory ( ie. \win2ka ) This will give you a dual boot system and allow access to your files until you can get the issue resolved.

I hope this helps !
when you get blue screen of death , what error message you get and what is the file name displayed which caused the error. Check this file in your winnt\system32 directory and rename the file and reboot.



I copied the system hive from a backup and this acutally got the system back up. But unfortunately I had not done a registry backup for over a year and restoring the system hive has made the system unstable, unable to install or uninstall some hardware, so I will have to start from scratch. At least this got the system back up though.

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