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Problems when changing to 10/100 HUB

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Last Modified: 2010-04-29
A couple of days ago I had my LAN with a HUB of 10(speed) yesterday we change it to a 10/100 HUB and the problems started... Some PCs start chashing the HUB and stoping the whole LAN. Why could this happend?
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The probably are not negotiating correctly and flooding the errors.  Are yo usure that all of your NICs are 100?  Try hardsetting the speed and duplex.
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I agree in general.

I would get the latest NIC drivers, and set the defaults manually if needed.
Test the machines one at a time in the new HUB until all is working well.

Also you may have cabling problems. Cables may work OK at 10 Mbps but not 100 Mbps. Have they been certified ?
Has your infrastructure been certified for 100 Mbps ?

I hope this helps !
mikecrIT Architect/Technology Delivery Manager

I agree with Geoffryn, it sounds like the NIC's are not negotiating their speed properly. What is the make of the hub?


then The hub is suppous to be dual Speed, I have some 10 and some 100 NIC. When I set the speed to 10/Half in all NICs everything works right... The problem is when I Chenge the speed to 100. Also could they be cables? and why should they work in 10 and not in 100?
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Are you setting it for 100Mb half duplex or full duplex? A hub doesn't support 100Mb full duplex as it does not have the ability to disable collision detection. The cables are probably not the problem. I would upgrade a couple of the NIC card drivers and see if this fixes the problem. It still seems that it can't negotiate a 100Mb connection properly.

This is common problem.Just run setup programme from diskett which comes with network adpter and just change the mode to AUTO DETTECT .If you do this if your network card is 10 MBPS hub will connect pc as 10 MBPS and if its 100 MBPS it connects with 100 MBPS.

thank you

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