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lewis_loo asked
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Last Modified: 2012-03-15
I am dealing problem of idea usng Photoshop

I have problem here. How to make a realistic picture (self portrait) from the picture and I make the effects so that the person looks like 80 years old (original is about 18-20 years old)

Is there any website that discuss about this effect? (include the step-by-step tutorial) tell me the website

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I really doubt there are any tutorials for this. There are no "lick 'em and stick 'em" plugins, layer effects, etc etc. It's a complex task of artistically modifying a photo and that requires a great deal of skill, perception and plain old talent. If i were to do it i would require at least 8 hours of time and I would use the airbrush tool to add in wrinkles etc etc. It's by no means a simple task and very very few people can do it.

I agree there are no quick solutions to this question.  Most likely you would need to use a combination of painting and various effects to acheive the "elderly" look of your portrait.  However, there are a couple of quick things you can do if you aren't looking for a masterpiece.

Changing the hair color to gray is fairly simple.  Use the lasso tool to carefully outline the subject's hair and eyeybrows.  Then adjust the contrast/brightness and color levels to convert the hair color to the gray color you desire.

You can use the smudge tool to manipulate the person's face. If you do it carefully, you can create sagging facial features, bags under the eyes, etc that will make your subject look aged.  

Use the airbrush tool or a combination of "add noise" and "blur" effects to add an age-spotted look to the subject's skin.

These techniques will not produce a masterpiece, but it may be enough for what you're trying to accomplish.

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Thanks for the help Weed and Moondancer.


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Thank you everyone.
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I would find several images of elderly people and through layering and transparencies, superimpose various traits and clone droopy eyelids, that type of thing.
Zero response, finalized.
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