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Newbie: Accessing attributes

Hi Guy's,

Could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong. I am trying to access the attributes of the following XML.

  <CommParm port="1" />

Using the following code:

// Ok parse the XML for relevant data
CComPtr<IXMLDOMDocument> pXMLDoc;
CComPtr<IStream> pStream;
CComPtr<IXMLDOMNode> pXMLNode;
CComPtr<IXMLDOMNodeList> pXMLNodeList;
CComPtr<IXMLDOMNamedNodeMap> pXMLNodeMap;
CComPtr<IXMLDOMElement> pXMLElement;

CComBSTR bstrNode(L"Message/Connect/CommParm");
CComBSTR bstrTempNode(L"");
CComBSTR bstrAttribName(L"port");
CComVariant varValue(VT_EMPTY);


VARIANT_BOOL bSuccess = false;
TESTHR(pXMLDoc->load(CComVariant(L"G:\\Plate room monitor\\Test.xml"), &bSuccess));



hr = pXMLNodeMap->getNamedItem(bstrAttribName, &pXMLNode);
if (SUCCEEDED(hr) && pXMLNode)
     if (varValue.vt == VT_BSTR)

          LPTSTR tMsg = W2T(varValue.bstrVal);
          MessageBox(NULL, tMsg, _T("Node Value"), MB_OK);

It seems to be Ok until it gets to getNamedItem() which returns S_FALSE and pXMLNode == NULL.

Any ideas?

Also using the above method how would use the IStream interface to write streamed data to the DOC. I can do it by using conventional CoCreateInstance() and IXMLDOMDOcument but not with the CComPtr notation.

Thanks in advance.

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Wayne BradneyIndependent Consultant


If I'm reading you code correctly, you're getting the documentElement (pXMLElement) and then asking for the attributes of it (pXMLNodeMap).

The documentElement of your XML document is <Message>, which has no attributes.

If you want the attributes of your <CommParm> element, you'll need to navigate further into the DOM (see getChildNodes).


heheh you are getting low on points ;)

ok you can use getElementsByTagName to get list of nodes then when you found your node in case if you have more then one use pIDOMNodeList->get_item then call get_attributes and then get_item on your IXMLDOMNamedNodeMap!

i hope this helps!
Wayne BradneyIndependent Consultant


Your post should have been a comment, not an answer.



Hi guy's thanks for your input.

If I have the following XML:


and the following code:


I would expect nLen to be 3 but I get the value 1.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Independent Consultant

My guess is that pXMLDoc refers to the Document itself, which has one child, the <Configuration> element. Use getDocumentElement to get to the <Configuration> element, the your call to getChildNodes will probably return 7:

1: Whitespace (TEXT_NODE)
2: <tag1> (ELEMENT_NODE)
3: Whitespace (TEXT_NODE)
4: <tag2> (ELEMENT_NODE)
5: Whitespace (TEXT_NODE)
6: <tag3> (ELEMENT_NODE)
7: Whitespace (TEXT_NODE)


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Thank you for advice.

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