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Unix on NT

mrorange asked
Hi people,

I have a requirement to run some of my Unix Utilities on a NT 2000 Box.  In particular i need to run traceroute on my Win 2K box... Tracert (which is included with 2000, will be no good).  I need to beable to specify if i send UDP or ICMP requests and also specify the port to send to.

Any help would be appreciated.

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You might want to investigate Cygwin (http://www.cygwin.com), supposedly its a unix install which runs under Windows; you might be able to install this and make use of its Unix utils you need (including tracert).

I agree Cygwin is a useful port of the Unix bash shell and a number of quality utilities including grep, awk, SSH, but I don't think it includes traceroute.  You might want to consider something like nmap for NT or another tracert/ping suite for NT

if TRACERT is not good enough, have you tried looking at PATHPING? If you want to run a real UNIX on top ox Windows, you could also have a look at VMWare.

geoffryn: Even if Cygwin doesn't include traceroute, it includes all the appropriate compiler tools you'd need to build traceroute from GNU source code--I've even compiled an X Window Manager under Cygwin, so I can't see a problem with something simple like traceroute.

I believe you.  I love Cygwin, but I am a network engineer not a programmer, I couldn't compile my way out of a paperbag


Fantastic, people...

Looks like id better start looking at my programming again, but looks like it will do the job....


Excellent!!  Thanks for the pts.  :)

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