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Cleanup, Ajust the photo!

brainware asked
Hi all.. i have a weird request here..

Im going to be using this photo for a compositing animation, below is te file,  1600x1200 - 600 kb,
id really like if some of you professional photo guys would give it a toutch of magic ;) make it look its best.. i know you people know how to ajust photos before you use/publish them..

i need it made as sharp, clean and good looking as possiple in your eyes.. the wat you would want a perfect picture..

You can remove some edges of photo, final image should be
1200x900 Pixels.


plz email picture to brainware@cyberjunkie.dk as High quality JPG or TGA.

If you want to assist in project well write me a note.. anyone who wants to see what the results and features of it all.. well stay tuned for website to start at:


Ohh yeah.. best picture gets the points .)

Warm regards to all you CG people :)
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We wont do the work for you but we will tell you how to do it. Doing free work is not what Experts Exchange is about and such "questions" don't have any value in the Previously Asked Questions archive at EE. If you want someone to do it for you I'm sure you could find someone who would be more than willing to do it at their normal fee....But EE isnt the place to do that.

Now, with that out of the way you need to check your levels dialog/histogram to make sure you have a proper range of colors in the photo. Adjust it if necessary. If you want to bring out certain colors or knock back others (adjust the tinges, etc) you need to play with the curves dialog. The image could also probably use a VERY slight gaussian blur followed by an Unsharp Mask to eliminate the graininess. Remember, dont overdo anything. Subtlety is key. Dont drag the curves to their extremes, dont apply a huge ammount of gaussian blur, and dont oversharpen. A very little makes a big difference.


hehe.. not asking ppl to do my work.. was hoping for some good examples, becuse this 1 frame wont exactly do my work as im gonna have to work out filters to process 100,000+ frames ..  

my bad if i made it sound like that, i know what EE is and how its used, been here for years :)

If you have to process 100,000+ frames, you best start looking for some baselines so that you can write some actions or better yet, develop some generic algorithms so you can create a plug-in that will do what you want.

If this is for an animation you'll need to be sure that each frame is adjusted in the same way, matches in color, size, position, etc., etc., etc. Having somebody fix it for you isn't going to do diddly squat to help you out.  

And I'm sorry, but if you ask for somebody to mail the image back to you, and offer the points to the 'best image' that certainly is asking for free work in my book.

The only one who can make this look good to you is YOU. YOU know what you want, we don't. YOU know what it has to match, we don't. YOU know whether color corrections are needed, what they need to match, what the final output is going to be. WE DON'T.

Weed gave you some excellent suggestions. Try them.
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