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AppendChunk & GetChunk  returns 50% of sent

Bahnass asked
   Dear Experts Here is a code I wrote Using AppendChunk & GetChunk
    Thaugh I 'm new to this (Old with VB) I receive only 50 % of the file I save
    Do I miss somethiong  ( Or I Mess it ???)
VB6.0 SP5.0 ADO 2.6
    Dim RSAtt As ADODB.Recordset, FileBuffer As String
    Dim lngPos As Long, FileTitle As String, I As Integer, FileLen As Long
    FileToAtt = "c:\autoexec.bat"
    lngPos = InStrRev(FileToAtt, "\")
    FileTitle = Mid(FileToAtt, lngPos + 1)
    Set RSAtt = New ADODB.Recordset
    RSAtt.Open "SELECT * FROM Attachements ", PubVar.DB, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic
    Open FileToAtt For Binary As #1
    FileBuffer = String(LOF(1), " ")
    Get #1, , FileBuffer
    Close 1
    RSAtt!FileName = FileTitle
    RSAtt.Fields("Attached").AppendChunk FileBuffer
    RSAtt!FileLen = Len(FileBuffer)
    FileToXtr = "C:\test.bat"
    Open FileToXtr For Binary As #1
    FileLen = RSAtt!FileLen
    FileBuffer = String(FileLen, " ")
    FileBuffer = RSAtt.Fields("Attached").GetChunk(FileLen)
    Put #1, , FileBuffer
    Close 1

Hope some help !!!!
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I think this will help you, go to and view the example:


Please take care that the Chunk size is set in the example.

Hope this useful for you.
This is another example that might give you insight.


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