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XP can't see ME; ME can see XP

hokehoke asked
Network is LinkSys Phone system which was working between 98SE and ME. Recently replaced 98 machine with XP and now want to nw between it and the ME. Problem: ME sees XP, but XP does not see ME. Network hardware appears ok. Using static IP address on both machines. Can ping both ways by IP address and by name. Net View using name or IP address from ME machine ok, but from XP machine returns error 53: network path not found. Set up net using Wizard and without. Same result. Also would appreciate comments on ICS (particularly any pitfalls), which I also had running on ME and want to set up on XP.
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for ICS see here
click on the xp link
as far as the ME and xp issue, tyr a lmhost file
also amke sure they are in the same workgroup
lmhosts info

Try turning off your internet firewall >
Network connections | properties  |  advanced
disable it
I don't really think an lmhosts file is the answer considering you can ping by name.

It does sound a lot like the workgroup isn't the same.  Nothing has changed on the ME box?  Are you actually doing any file or printer sharing from the ME box?


After much trial and error, I have finally got the network running. Not sure just what did it, though. Had some difficulty with file and printer sharing. File sharing was ok, but ME machine only shows the icon for two of six printers (actually one printer with six options). Finally, configured the remaining four 'printers' using the actual network path from the ME to the XP and all works. Sorry to say none of the Comments did the trick. Did not do Imhost, as I didn't think that was the problem, although I came close to trying it when I was just about at the end of my rope. I should say that I am using fixed IP addresses on both the host XP and the client ME. I had already tried turning off all firewalls, so I knew that was not the problem, although I wish it was the straightforward. I also had gone over Workgroup and Computer naming several times before posting. I appreciate everyones comments in attempting to solve this problem and, although none actually hit the nail on the head, I'd like recognize the attempts by spliting the points amoung you all. I understand that I must submit a question to Community Services to do this, which I will do. I'm not sure how to handle the question, though.    
Points reduced for split.  Now you can accept one of the experts comment as an answer.  After that, make additional questions for the other 2 experts in this topic area for 100 points.  If you need assistance, feel free to ask.

Thank you
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