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Windows 2000 Professional Log On

katsturf asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-14
I cannot seem to log into Win 2000 Professional from another workstation running win 98.  I have created
a user account and access to the network domain on the NT Server, but everytime I try to log onto the
win 2000 computer from 98 or any other workstation win 2000 tells me my password is invalid.  I set
the password and all the accounts.  I am not that knowledeable on the 2000 active directory.  Could
this be the problem?
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Top Expert 2004
2000 active directory is on a w2k server
try adding the user account to the w2k box itself
Top Expert 2004

is the w2k box a member of the NT domain?


Thanks Steven,

I forgot that I stated windows 2000.  I actually meant Windows XP I will try logging on the XP from another workstation I do have an account on XP  for the NT domain but I forget sometimes to logon to XP in the NT domain. Sometimes I am actually logged on to the built in XP workgroup.

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