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HTTP 401.1 - Unauthorized

dluedi asked
Hello. I've got a website. It has it's own password protected section (done with ASP). Every month I update my page. This time I did so too.
But now everytime I try to open an *.asp page WITH SCRIPT inside I get this error:

HTTP Error 401
401.1 Unauthorized: Logon Failed
This error indicates that the credentials passed to the server do not match the credentials required to log on to the server.
Please contact the Web server's administrator to verify that you have permission to access the requested resource.

An *.asp page without script works perfectly ok!
Does somebody know why? An interesting thing is that I can't delete a folder I created some weeks ago. It says *permission denied* (All the other folders I can delete without problems.
 I found a related question
The are talking about *NTFS permissions* how can I set them and will it help?

THX dluedi
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What is the authentication setting for your web site..
Anonymous / Basic / Windows Inegrated

Are you using any resources in your script that needs access to secure folder?


Hello naveenkohli. I noticed that they just were updating their server. Now it works almost perfectly normal.

But something that still isn't working (maybe I just have to wait a while): I talked of a folder that I could'nt delete. I could do it now. But now only I can't access the cgi-bin folder. *550 cgi-bin: Access Denied* I'm not quite sure what you mean: "What is the authentication setting for your web site..
Anonymous / Basic / Windows Inegrated" I upload my pages with FTP, and I should have access to all directorys (actually it was me who created the cgi-bin directory)

Maybe the cgi-bin directory is a directory that you can't delete after you created it?!?!
From your descriptions it seems that you are uploading your files to a third party ISP. And if this is the case, then you have "Anonymous" authentication setting.
Talk to customer support of your ISP... may be they have changed some settings on your folder or somethig. Since you don't have control over the server, I am not sure how are you goingt o resilve this issue.

Let me know if my assumption of third party ISP is wrong.



Ok, my prob is solved now they were really just updating the server.
you were the only person who helped me, so here some points...next time it will be more difficult ;)
THX dluedi

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