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assigning a drive letter

daddyarnie asked
after reformatting my hard drive, at the dos prompt I can get the a: (floppy) and c:(hard drive).  but cannot load the win95 OS from the CD-ROM drive because I can't change the drive letter to "d".  How do I do that?

Is there something that shows in CMOS setup what drive letter the system has set-up for the CD-ROM drive?

One other thing I failed to mention:
On the MS-DOS screen after pressing d: {enter}
I get:
SDRAM at Bank#:1
Searching for boot record from IDE-0. OK
invalid system disk...replace the disk and press any key

Any ideas?
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You need to install the MS-DOS drivers for your CD-ROM drive to access the CD-ROM from a command prompt. If you have already done this then the CD-ROM drive maybe another letter ie E;F,etc.

You can do trick. Use Windows 98 bootup floppy. I will automaticly give yo support for the CD and run 95 setup.
You can create Win 98 on any Win 98 computer.
Go to start\setting\control panel\addremove program\window setup\startup disk.
the reason your getting invalid system disk...replace the disk and press any key is the hardrive has nuthin on it... go to www.bootdisk.com and download a bootdisk that will load your cddrive (i would suspect an older scsi drive and sometimes rather tricky )

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