How do I share a drive on a 98 machine to a 2000?

I have a windows 2000 server machine that needs access to a hard drive on a 98 machine.  Both machines are connected to the internet through the same Linksys hub.  What would be the most secure way to share the 98's hard drive?
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pjknibbsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I honestly don't know the answer to that question, because I've very rarely used password-protected shares on Win98.
There isn't one, really--Windows 98 security is a joke. The best method you have without resorting to third-party software is to share the relevant folder and then password protect the share, but if all you need to do is read files on the 98 machine from the 2000 box I'd just download an FTP server for the 98 machine and connect using that method from the 2000 box. (Of course, if the positions were reversed this would be even easier, because IIS in Win2K has an FTP server built in).
kkirt1Author Commented:
I need to read and write to the 98 disk.  What are my options in third-party software?  How secure is the password protected folder?  Is it more or less secure then 98 is general?  
quickbyteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might want to check out the following link. I heard on person say it worked well for him. How ever to the best of his knowledge no one other than himself ever tried to hack into his 98 machine to access the files. Check it out, Hope it helps.
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