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veritas installation

martie asked
I need to build a cluster on 2 solaris machines. Now, i got installation guides for
1)Veritas Cluster Server(VCS)
2)Veritas Database Edition for Oracle
3)Veritas Cluster Server Enterprise Agents for Database Edition/HA 3.0 for Oracle

I just wonder what the installation sequence is...
should I install the Oracle, VCS(1), then (2) and (3) and finally an oracle database or?????? It's quite complicated, please help
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If you are using this Software you have a support contract.

Contact Veritas at http://www.veritas.com, they are very efficent and knowledgable.

Support may turn you down and point you towards consulting services (me!) as they don't tend to help people setup stuff.

As a brief overview, you can use the following steps. There are no hard and fast rules on doing it in this particular order, but it makes logical sense -

1) Check all release notes for latest Solaris patches required, and latest Install Veritas patches to download from ftp.veritas.com (This is something support will help u with). Install software from all software suites so the basic packages are installed. If you are using the install script rather than just pkgadding VCS, then you will need to setup all the hardware (dual connect storage, heartbeat networks - see manual for best practice on this) and collate all information required for the install script. With dbed and oracle agent, you can just pkgadd the software.

2)Setup all underlying storage with either VXVM or on raw partitions (Strongly recommend VXVM....), and put all on vxfs (you may as well put the database on filesystem as well, as dbed will allow you to get raw device performance from the database using quick i/o.

3)Install Oracle binaries locally on both nodes, and setup config files for each node. Remeember to use the service ip address rather than the host ip address in relevent files e.g. listener.ora. Also make sure oracle user has same password on both boxes.

4)Install database on the shared storage.

5)Follow Oracle agent guide instructions on how to setup VCS to use Oracle and Sqlplus agent.

6)Setup VCS servicegroup(s) to stop and start service - use the following start order for services - MultiNICA, IPMultiNIC, DiskGroups, Volumes, Mounts. Oracle, Listener. (This will give you extra split brain data protection).

7)Once this has been verified, setup qio and other dbed related stuff that you wish.

8)Have beer.

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