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Include Header & Footer


Is there a way for me to include a Header.htm & Footer.htm file into another HTML (i.e. Home.htm) ?

What is the syntax which i can use to do so?
pls advise.


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Yes, but you need some sort of server-side programming to allow this.

The ASP version is simply to include this line for each piece of included source:

<!-- #Include File="includedfilename.inc" /-->

As I mentioned though, this will only work with pages that have the .asp suffix.

There are quite a few other pages on this subject on EE, might be worth doing a search?

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The best and easiest way to do what you want to do is to use SSI (Server
Side Includes).  However yur serve must be configured to use them.  
Everything you need is here:


A client-side only option, whic is more work is to dynamically generate
the header and footer using JavaScript in a .js file that is pulled in
as the src in a script tag.


This will work in IE only:


<SCRIPT language='JavaScript'>

function include(url)  // must be a fully qualified URL, I don't know why.
   var xml = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
   xml.Open( "GET", url, false );



<SCRIPT language='JavaScript'>

Body of page goes here.

<SCRIPT language='JavaScript'>




hi all,

thanks for all your comments/answers
i will try that out and post the outcome later

knightEknight, is there a way to get it work for at least both Netscape and IE browser? i need to make it as browser independant as possible.

If you want browser independace then JavaScript isn't the way to go, SSI, an include in another server side language (PHP, ASP, etc) or an HTML preprocessor are entirely browser independant.

The only way to make it browser independent is to go with some type of server-side includes.  However, your question specified including one .htm file inside another .htm file.  If by this you meant no server involvmemt, then HTML and JavaScript is the only way, and for now this only works in IE.  But since you require NetScape compatibility, I suggest that you look at the link provided by CobolDinosaur (above) on SSI.  You will need a webserver, and you will need to configure it to allow SSI in .htm files.
if you download a trial version or if you have dreamweaver this might help
DreamWeaver Has a great feature called assets
you can save multiple files in .lbi format and include them in html documents and they work for both IE and Netscape
this is how it works make a directory named library in your root folder
then save the html file that you want to include in another html file as .lbi
save it in the library folder then  open dreamweaver go to the windows tab and click on library
the lbi file will come up and you can insert it on any document you have open in dreamweaver
the code looks something like this

<!-- #BeginLibraryItem "/library/index_pusd_header.lbi" --><table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="750">
   <td>Hello this is a weird way to include files</td></tr>
</table><!-- #EndLibraryItem -->

the cool thing about this option is that you dont need a server or coding experience to include

else go with

<!-- #Include File="filename.asp" /-->


Thank you all for your help and advises.

I'll try your suggestions once i have the time.
Thanks alot!
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Thanks Moon. :^)


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