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nuible asked
how should i print from viual basic in draft mode.I'm stressing more on speed since through window the speed of printing is very slow on dot matrix printer
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What type of printer is it?

Are you using a Generic Driver or was the driver supplied with the printer?

On some drivers you can cutomise the Printer Initialise command set to the printer.  So we can find out how to set Draft mode and place the codes there?

Are you printing in Graphics mode or text mode?

For quickest printing is can be faster to use the Generic Text Only printer driver. But you need to know what commadns to send to the printer to select your desired settings.

Try loading and printing from the Generic Driver as sometimes it works without with no messing about with settings.

InTheDark is correct about ensuring you have the correct drivers for your printer. If you do then you can use the PrintQuality method on the Printer object (Standard, always there object) Setting the value as follows should work

Printer.PrintQuality = vbPRPQDraft

Take a look at


for more details on the Printer object.

If you simply want to print quickly to a dot-matrix printer connected to your own PC, it's very easy to write your own basic driver as follows:

dim FormFeed as string * 1

Open "LPT1:" for output as #1
Print #1, "Show this on the ";
print #1, "Printer."
Print #1, "This is line two because the ";
print #1, "previous line did not end in a semicolon: ;"
print #1, FormFeed;
close #1

Run the above from, maybe, a command button and it should go the a printer located on the primary parallel port.

To change it to print what you want, replace the Print # lines with something like this:

Print #1, Text1.Text; Text2.Text' these on the same line
Print #1, Text3.Text; FormFeed;' text3 on next line, then page eject

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