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Whre can I get Information about Virus Scan API Emplementation for Exchange Server 2000

Nagarajhr asked
Hello all,

I want to filter attachments in MS Exchange server 2000 using AntiVirus API feature provided by Microsoft. For implementing this, Microsoft is saying a DLL is required and the registry keys required to enable virus scan are explained in MSDN. But the implementation of DLL is not provided anywhere. If anybody knows this please help.

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There are some alternatives at http://www.slipstick.com/addins/antivirus.htm along with four articles about the API at the bottom of the article.
You'd need to contact Microsoft directly and they will put you and your company in touch with the product group which manages the AVAPI interface. The interface is not publically available and AFAIK companies which inquire about using it are vetted prior to being given access to the information.

Now, I'm far from an expert on the subject, but it seems that oen could write an equally efficient transport event sink for message filtering and there are examples of such an implementation floating around.

Chris Scharff
The Mail Resource Center


Thank you Chris Scharff for your suggetions. I think it is true what you suggested.


hi Nagarajhr,
i have the same problem which u have mentioned earlier,
"regarding filter attachments"
1: if u have solved this can u provide some examples.
2: or how to filter at the client end.
if u can provide any help ...plz contact me at deyadav@yahoo.com


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