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How to assign Color to formula field text ?

walips asked
I am using Crystal report 7
in my one column contain values, column name is  Fldqty
how to assign color to fldQty

if fldQty contain 1-100  then show values in  RED Color
if FldQty contain 101-1000 then show valued in Blue Color

How it is ?

Waiting for reply

Prakash W
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You can set up a formula field to evaluate the condition and change the color accordingly.  You then place the formula field on your report instead of the database field.  Let me know if you need more information on how to set up a formula field.  The following is taken from Crystal Help:

//Conditional formatting example 1
If {Customer.Last Year's Sales} > 100000 Then
Else If {Customer.Last Year's Sales} < 15000 Then

Hope this Helps.

Hi Prakash,

You need not to create any formula for chaning the color of data field.

Just right-click on the data field and click "format field" then choose Font tab. There at the right hand side of Color property click on the coditional formula button. In the formula editor window write a formula similar to that given by "dbirdman".

Hope this answers your question.

Hi Prakash,

Is your problem solved by now ??

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EE Cleanup Volunteer
Hey can any one tell me solution about this problem ? actually after doing that formula how can use it Graph which has DB field values ?

Is there any solution ?

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