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Notebook question

skiabox asked
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Last Modified: 2013-11-17
I am about to buy a notebook.I want to be able to work a lot of hours on it so I want it to have a good screen.I also want to play some games so I want it to have a good video card.Which model do you suggest?Is Compaq Presario 2700 series a good choice?Thnx.(I also want a Pentium III processor from 1Ghz and above).
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Check out http://www.epinion.com for some reviews on notebook PCs.

Yes the compaq presario is a good brand, and may i suggest a dell. They make great computers and you can customize them to what you want. Also they are usually more upgradeable for future expansion. A note about the screen, if u want a good one, make sure that your laptop comes with an active matrix screen, which updates data faster and provides a little better look. Especially for games the active matrix is a must or many if not all new games will seem slow or sluggish as the screen cannot refresh itself fast enough. Your plan to go with a p3 is a good choice, they are priced well, and performance is more than adequate for most of todays needs. Hope this helps.   Also another site to check out is www.tomshardware.com for some more info on computers as well as some tests and benchmarks.
If you want a great screen and great gaming experience in a laptop, I recommend Toshiba's Satellite series:  (Apologies for the ultra long link!)


I have one from the model year just before these current ones and it is great!  Mine has a GeForce2go video chip and it plays games quite well.  When it isn't my turn to drive for the carpool, I play Alien vs Predator 2 at 1024x768.  No problem even with the detail level set at the highest!  Of course it sucks some major battery power to do this, but it lasts longer than the hour ride to work.  Most LCD screens don't refresh fast enough to do this, but this Toshiba screen is excellent.  Oh, and on the strictest  power saving mode my battery lasts almost three hours.

The most expensive new model has a GeForce4go chip and is probably even better at games.  There are several models, so pick according to your budget.  The 3000 series is probably closest to mine.  The DVD/CD-RW do-everything drive is sweet!  The built in 10/100 LAN and modem mean you're ready for a LAN game party anytime.


magarity i fully agree with you Toshiba is the best laptop manufacturer

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