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Programming Java test tool

I am looking into programming an automated testing program for Java applications.  This will be similar to a stripped version of WinRunner for Java apps.  I understand how WinRunner uses the win32 API to simulate key, mouse strokes, and other events, but I figure the JVM does not allow the same methodology.  What direction do I go in order to allow myself access to a Java application and simulate human or internal input?  Are hooks placed into a reworked virtual machine or is at simple as setting up an RMI, or something in a totally different direction?  Are there any books that would go into this sort of detail?  Any information would greatly be appreciated.  

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Try JUnit. try http://junit.sourceforge.net/ and http://www.junit.org/index.htm
Also, if UI is your interest look at the extension: https://sourceforge.net/projects/jfcunit/

Hope that helps


I have been taken away from the project for a couple of days so I was only able to skim over the URL’s.  It looked as though JUnit is for code testing rather than function or regression testing.  Is my assumption incorrect?  I am looking for high level testing options.  I will look into it further in the next few days but wanted to get a reply back to you.

Thank you for your time,
In general you are correct. The framework was intended for a unit testing environment. However - there are several extensions that enable you to do some level of automatic UI testing, servlet testing and stress testing. This may fit your needs.

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