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convert tiff file to jpeg file

wainc18 asked
Can anyone please help me to get some sourcecode in vb or c++ on how to convert tiff file to jpeg file.
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I believe that VB PictureBoxes will allow the loading of tiff images. So, once you have the handle to the device context, all you need is some code to write out the file as a jpeg.

I believe there's some code at the end of this link that should help...


Good luck....
VB Pictureboxes don't do TIFF files.  You will probably need to use some 3rd party component like ImageMan.
Do  you  have   a photo manipulation package  such  as  phtotshop  or  corel  photopaint? (Of any  othr  of dozens  of  such  packages)
Normally  you  just  open  your  Tiff  into  these packages, go  -File - Save AS-  and  teh  Save  as  panel  which opens offers  a  whole  range  of  options  from  JPEG  to  Tif  to Gif.  You  select  waht  suit  you and  it's  saved  to  a seperate  file  still  leavign  your  Tiff  in reserve.

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