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OWA - Japanese Characters

rhianne asked
I am running Exchange Server 5.5 with SP4 on WINNT Server 4 with SP6a.

Recently, my user reported that after I enabled OWA that the Japanese Characters of the e-mail message appeared as "????".  Although, in the subject field, the characters appear fine.

I have been looking for an answer on how to resolve this but fail.  Can someone help?  I have never had to deal with unicodes before on OWA.
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Hi Rianne,

 I just went through the same thing a few months ago at a client. the issue revolves around telling OWA to use the Japanese Double Character set, this is a registry hack.
 There is a Q article for it, but I do not remember which one. If I find it at the client I will submit it as an Answer
 hope this helps
Run Regedt32

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeWeb

You will need to create a Key called "OWA"

then within that Key: Create a REG_DWORD called "UseAltRegionalCharset" , with a value of "0x1"

The entries are case sensitive

Couple this with adding Japanese Language support to the IE Browser, and it should do the trick
PS: the Subject field will still be a problem, MS still has not fixed this....


Hi J,

Thank you for your inputs but the Q article states that this is a fix for Exchange 2000 but will it work with Exchange 5.5 - the version which I am running now.



Thanks for the clarification.  I will try it and will come back here with the result.
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