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Application evaluation (performance, design)

Gunsen asked
I have a domino application hosting users thru web.
I would like to know how to have a qualified functionality evaluation of this database ?
(peak values or performance is of secondary importance)
Answer with most applicable answer get points...

-All users generate temporary documents! each session
 300 users a day, in average 5 docs each !!!
-All views holds few computed values (mostly fields or static values)
-DB contains dynamic documents (maybe 10000) concurrent
-Documents is handled by agents and people for workflow(mail), and API against other systems
-Web functions runs LotusScript agents and use style-sheets for presentation

Any advice would be appriciated ...
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Hello Gunsen,

can you please give in more details what you define as: "qualified functionality evaluation"

My assumption go in this directions:
a) Average response time for all web requests against this one database.
b) Observation of size of every view to react to anomalies.
c) Collecting of agent run time informations (consumption of service units...)
d) Number of documents ready for transition but not moving (failed :-)

For a) take WebTrends:

For b) use this Domino console command:
SHOW DATABASE yourDatabase.nsf

For c) set this notes.ini setting:

For d) create a view with reduced document selection to those failed states.

Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication Engineer

There are different tools that you can find on the net for monitoring the server/database performance, of all log.nsf which is part of notes also gives some info on performance of database usage and index size and all other stuff (check for database.. view).

Here are few links that might interest you,



http://www.notes.net/today.nsf/8a6d147cf55a7fd385256658007aacf1/4541b624a97c673a852567bc00729369?OpenDocument   (Check for "Installing and viewing Domino as a Performance Monitor counter." )


Ok, thanx both.
I'll have a stresstest of application tomorrow...

Thanks for accepting my comment as answer, but I am still interested what exact info you try to get from this stress tests.

By the way: we use an expansive software to make stress test for our web servers.
The name of the product is SilkPerformer:

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