Network for File Sharing, XP to XP

I've been trying for a long time now to network for file sharing between my desktop and notebook. One Has XP Pro and the Other XP Home. Nothing I've tried can even be able to browse the others PC's Files. Both having sharing on. Both are on the same workgroup, and all of that good stuff.  The only thing witch is probably the problem is Microsoft.  MS doesn't seem to like a star topology.  In other words: My cable modem goes to my router to a hub and from the hub splits to each computer from there.  Can anyone give me some tips for things to try and get file sharing up and running?
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stevenlewisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can also try adding NetBEUI to both boxes
Hey Mike,

Im trying to do the same thing, except my notebook and desktop are both running XP pro. I have tried everything logical to connect them, but am still looking. By the way, do you know Hamid Bam??

first thing to check is from a command prompt type
ipconfig /all
are both set to dhcp, and does the router support dhcp?
xp's native protocol is tcp/ip so you can start by checking the tcp/ip settings
also make sure the correct drivers are listed for the NIC (not the generic ones)
You may also want to consider adding NetBEUI to both
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YOu could also set them up with static ip's 192.168.0.(1-254) (or 10.x.x.x) what ever your routers lan interface is
and then use the lmhosts file
PS M$ has no problem with star topology, most ethernet networks are star
sorry about the multi posts (i think in spurts sometimes)
did you run the network wizard on both?
MikeBAMAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot.  I had NetBEUI installed on one but not the other. As soon as I added it worked. (:
MikeBAM Glad I could help
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