fdisk cant located master boot file

Hi all,

I've got a Sparc 5 that used to be running RedHat Linux 7.1.  I have just downloaded Solaris 9 Early Access CDs, and am trying to install it on this machine (to REPLACE Linux).

When the webstart begins, it tells me it is unable to format my hard disks!  Then it drops me to a shell prompt.

If I try "format", go in and remove all slices, it tells me it can't find backup labels and fails to update the drive.

if I try "fdisk", it tells me it can't locate the master boot file at /usr/lib/fs/ufs/mboot.

I checked, and that file does NOT exist when I boot off the CDROM.  I also tried booting off my Solaris 8 CDROM, and it TOO lacks that file!

My question is this.  How the heck can I get Solaris 9 EA installed?  I have a feeling this has to do with the Linux partitions on the drive, but I am not sure!

In PC land, I used to have to blank out the Hard Drives  before FDISK could touch them.  Without this, FDISK would tell me it couldn't delete a logical partition with drives define, then tell me no drives were defined!
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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, left something out. Use a Solaris 8 or earlier 1st Software CD for the format operation. If you can't get get it to write a label in the normal manner, use the format menu to format the drive.
A Sparc 5 is easy. Boot off the CD and run format. I believe it will tell you that there's no label on the disk and it'll ask if it should write one. Allow it to and I think the install can the proceed.
thetool721Author Commented:

I was trying to use the Solaris 8 install CD.  I'll give the first CD a try and see what I can come up with.

The very first CD is the Webstart stuff. The 1st software CD is a conventional Solaris installation CD and has the normal tools that one would expect. I don't have Solaris 9EA yet, but for Solaris 7 & 8 my standard practice is to not use the Webstart CD at all and to install from the 1st Software CD.
thetool721Author Commented:
Ah, ok

Yes, booting off that CD, I was able to format the drive successfully.  However, my problem may have been a combination of issues.

When I first formatted the drive, I removed ALL labels.  It was complaining because I didn't have any "backup" labels.  Using your suggestion, I booted off the 1st CD, and did a format.  I removed all labels, and added the backup label.  It worked fine from there!

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