Years ago under plain old dos, I had a small app. that created a .com file from a textfile. A user ran the .com file and had a small text viewer.
Now I want the same thing for either a Worddocument or an image. Each second month I have to spread a newsletter by e-mail, complete with formatting. I dislike sending a worddocument itself, so I need an alternative. PDF is nice, however I'm not gonna ask my (mostly home)users to download a 5 MB viewer only for this newsletter. So I'm looking for something else, preferrably in a way receivers don't need an extra viewer.

Anyone knows of such a thing? (Of course, KB size also needs to stay reasonable, for must users still use modems).

Kind regards
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starlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this sounds like what you want:

for absolutely plain text try this:

but you said you had graphics so it sounds like the top one is what you want.

this is MS viewers - the files are under 2.5mb. I had used the excel one in the past and it worked well.

other choices... send an html attachment, send a link to a web page. Wordpad is available on windows pcs and has some formatting available.
ehoutAuthor Commented:

Thanx for the quick reply.
However, when using those viewers I still have to send the Worddocument, and since most people do have word, I'm not allowed to send it this way.

BTW, On the NT/Win2000 network at my work, all pc's are installed without Wordpad, games, etc...

I've been thinking of the html e-mail, But I guess because of Virus/worm riscs many people will, like I have myself, switch of the html viewing in their e-mail program. The link is not an option because most receivers have a non permanent Internet connection (i.o.w. the need to pay for any second they're online)

Kind regards,
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Wordpad is also available on 95 & 98 so those are also covered.

how much formatting do you want in your newsletters? graphics???
ehoutAuthor Commented:
Yes, Graphics, 3 columns, Header & footer.

(...Sigh...) I know I'm asking the impossible.
However is there no such thing as a program that creates executables from images or something?
that's why pdf are so great... can't imagine not have acrobat reader..

but I will see if I can find something.
ehoutAuthor Commented:
Dunno of it's of any use to me, but so far it sounds like what I want indeed.

I'm gonna check it out, thanks
ehoutAuthor Commented:
It's a MAC application. I'm talking serious here, not about some toys. I gave you the credits already so I help you'll be so gentle to help looking a bit further.

I wish ee would get it's notifs fixed *sigh*.. sorry about the macapp - I'll keep looking.
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