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Telnet looping in timers

I'm writting some code for a school project now to telnet to webservers using winsock to see if a particular page is there using the GET command. The user clicks a button and it tries different urls when connected. I'm having trouble with it, I can't get the program to request other files after the first. I have set the code up in a timer and got a run time 40006 error "wrong protocol or connection state", where I have commented:

---------begin code--------------------

Private Sub tmrURL2_Timer()
If (winsck.State <> 0) Then
End If
winsck.RemoteHost = CStr(HOST)
winsck.RemotePort = 80

Dim string_to_send As String
    string_to_send = "GET /whatever.html"  'change right here for string
If (winsck.State = 0) Then
    func.send_to_buffer ("You need to connect first!")
    txtCMD.Text = ""
    If (string_to_send <> "") Then
        winsck.SendData string_to_send & vbCrLf    
         'the above line is where I receive the error
        func.send_to_buffer_norm (txtCMD.Text)
        txtCMD.Text = ""
        func.send_to_buffer ("Nothing to send!")
        txtCMD.Text = ""
    End If
End If
End Sub

-----------end code insert------------------

If there is a better way to set this up without the use of so many timers, I would like to know. Please let me know how I can work around that error also. Thanks in advance, dissoluten.
1 Solution
40006 error "wrong protocol or connection state" can be issued for a number of reasons.

But first check your setting for winsock.protocol in for socket properties.

winsck.RemoteHost = CStr(HOST)
winsck.protocol=0 ' 0=TCP or 1 for UDP
winsck.RemotePort = 80

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