I have a program with three different versions for three different screen resolutions. I begin the autorun on the cd with a getscreenres program adapted from the example on vb-world written in vb6. then the user is asked to pick the setup according to the screen resolution. I have three buttons. each of the buttons is supposed to shell to the correct setup. On the root dirrectory of the cd I have the autorun.inf file, the getscreenres.exe file and the three directories 14, 17, 19 each containing the setup for each version. I use the following code for each button:
Dim x
     x = Shell(App.Path + "\14\setup.exe", 1)
I get a file not found.
The three setup versions are all written in VB4 16 bit, but i don't think this should cause a problem. It must be my shell directory structure.
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I believe this is the problem:


On the root directory, the app.path returns a "D:\" or whatever drive letter, depending on your settings.  So, App.Path + "\14\setup.exe" is actually


which is of course not a valid path.  Change "\14\setup.exe" to "14\setup.exe" and it should work fine : )

That's it!

glass cookie : )
I suspect that the problem is that your AutoRun is running a ile in a sub folder. For example:


So your app is running in a sub folder on the CD.

If this is the case try this code:

x = Shell(Left(App.Path,2) + "\14\setup.exe", 1)

If folder "14" is a sub folder from the initial exe file then the problem lies in another place.
When testing Setup programs I always start esting on a CDRW or in a folder on the hard disk.

In the save folder as the exe files I locake a file "DEBUG" with a length >0.

So in my code I would say:

DebugMode = Len(Dir(App.Path + "\Debug")) > 0

If DebugMode then

    ' here you will see what yo are realy tring to run.
    Msgbox "Shell to: " + App.Path + "\14\setup.exe",Vbinformation, "Debug Mode"

end if

x = Shell(App.Path + "\14\setup.exe", 1)

Hope this helps.
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Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
Two matters:
dim x

replace with :
dim x as long

x = Shell(App.Path + "\14\setup.exe", 1)

replace with
x = Shell(App.Path & "\14\setup.exe", 1)

Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
Glass has a nice idea!
But take care that if it is not root, the resulting string could be:
Doing a check before continue could be better.
ralphyAuthor Commented:
I figured it would be something simple.
Thanks a lot

Thanks for the grade.  Anyway, here's a little piece of code for you to eliminate this error:

Dim Filepath As String
Filepath = "myfolder\myfile.dat"
If Len(App.Path) = 3 Then Filepath = App.Path & Filepath Else Filepath = App.Path & "\" & Filepath

That's it!

glass cookie : )
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