Converting email to a different email format

I currently have emails with contact information coming to me from a third-party.  I need to convert/parse/re-format them to a specific way so that GoldMine will recognize them and automatically add to contact list.  Other option is to send info to website and have automatically input into web form.  I'm needing a VERY quick resolution to my problem so reply back as soon as possible please!

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I hope I can help.

You have given too little information to actually know what you need and to actually help.

Both ways can be accomplished but ...

1) To parse and reformat an email you need to know what kind of software is already running. For example Exchange Server. Of course there are others, but most of them can have scripts attached to them. I've done it some time ago to convert an email and send it to a specific directory depending on the data inside the email. Similar can be done for you.

2) Do you mean that the email is parsed and that information is then send to the internet? And by the information that you pass you have a form with the input?
Can be easily done with a serverside language or even plain javascript.

Please give more information of your system and what needs to be done. Preferable a sample (both ways that you mentioned above).

sarahco9Author Commented:
I have an email coming to me is its own standard format but I need to change it up a bit to include some code for goldmine to do it's web import from email.  

I guess I need a vba script to use with outlook or goldmine.  The other option is to parse the information like name, etc. and forward that to a web form to do the import.  I think the easiest way is to just write a vba script to make it look a bit different.

You might try topics here for eMail and VB for more particulars. I am unfamiliar with a product goldmine.

For scripting, newer versions of Outlook have enhancements, web oriented. But to me it looks more proprietary, not as well for 3rd party. OWA. Many ways to come up with means to perform data mining.

For common address collection, it helps to use standards such as for business cards. Easier to cull that out multiplatform, but this is client dependent, most do not do yet. For backend, Consider LDAP, a standard for directories. Once entered in there it is easier to pull the address information out (not the text).

For scripting, Unice alternatives may do better overall, to get at more info such as headers and formats. Higher level proggies like PERL are not ported to Windoze for scripting multiplatform (free utilities).

For developing on web on the cheap, MySQL appears to be stable now, for the backend of data collected. Sufficient popularity to have some tools available, if flexible for that.
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(is this about spamware? quoting alternate websource:)

Felix Tilley wrote:

> I have a question about the technical competence of the people who write
> spamware programs like Goldmine, Floodgate, Avalanche, etc.  I could never
> create an email program from scratch unless I spent 2 or 3 years at it.
> Creating a STEALTH spamware program would take me even longer.  I just do
> not know enough about the protocols to do it this month (or year).

You sell them too expensively.  There's basically two things you need to know to write a mailer, "stealth" or otherwise:

 (a) How to program.

 (b) How to program for a network.

The protocols themselves tend to be rather straightfoward and wouldn't take you more than a week to get a handle on even if you were working full-time.  Don't forget that these things don't need to have mail-management features, filtering, HTML-parsing or have a pretty GUI - which would  be the most time-consuming bits of re-coding Eudora.

Presuming you can program, 2 or 3 years to write a "stealth" mailer is way too much.  2 or 3 weeks is more realistic, although even then you might have to take extra-long lunch breaks to make sure you don't finish the job early.

James J. Farmer
Venue:    University of Birmingham, School of Computer Science
Where, Another link likely relevant from heart:

From: shekerra  Date: 03/05/2002
Proprietary mail services (AOL and MSN) do not work with GoldMine.
See here:
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