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Hey everyone, i need to know some powerful database enginers to use with delphi 5 and windows NT, the tables that i will use have about 800,000 rows.... i tried Mysql but is a little slow.
With your experience, could you recommend me some database enginers, and i need that the databases are GPL.

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InterBase (Phoenix), absolutely, use it anywhere you like with NO fees.

Oracle (Personal Edition), maybe, but I doubt it.  I believe you are only supposed to use the Personal Edition for development.  I'm shooting from the hip here, I havn't read the Oracle Personal Edition license.  Once you start using it as a "production" database, you are supposed to buy a "real" copy.
what is GPL?
German Parcel Logistics?

nevertheless 800000 rows are not much
and mySQL should be fast enough,
well not as fast as oracle

if you want performance, then
- your database design must be good,
- the hardware must be good
- your connectivity must be fast
- your access-statements must be very well designed

performance is not a question of delphi

meikl ;-)

agree with your comments but

haha "German Parcel Logistics" ,i think he means
General Public License :-)
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thanks for clarify, barry,
but i heard so often gpl in another context like
Gesellschaft für Privaten Logistikservice
German Parcel Logistics
God Peace Love

I would use the free version of InterBase.

It doesn't use the GPL.  It uses another version called IPL which is geared specifically toward InterBase.

Hi Amphill,
Please try Interbase ( commercial ,open source or  Free).
i think , use Store Procedure can reduce alot of network overhead(traffic) from your network.
Internet Packet Layer?
InterBase Public License

These TLAs are getting out of hand!  (Three-Letter Acronyms)  :)
well, was just kidding :-))
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
I guess an Oracle Personal edition database is out of the question here? This would give you a free, powerful database but unfortunately you cannot use this version for commercial or productional purposes. You can only use it to create applications that support Oracle databases.
amphillAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for you comments!!,  i think i'll try Interbase and oracle too.
Just a question (For interbase and oracle); can i use this databases for free, i mean they would be free, if all my machines were accessing to anyone of these database (only in my organization, the system would not go out of here); i have a few machines, like 15.
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
Yep. Oracle Personal Edition is for development only. But it's a good database to use while developing your software. Once the project is finished you might consider using a different database, if you've created the application in a way that you can easily switch databases. (Either by using the BDE with an alias or by using e.g. ADO/OLE DB.)
There is a free version of Interbase called IBPhoenix or Firebird but unfortunately Interbase doesn't perform that well. Like MySQL it is a bit slow.
Then again, Oracle is not a GPL product and it's even quite expensive and not easy to get. Once you're done with developing and want to start using it professionally you have no other option than to buy Oracle.

If you want it for free, use Interbase. If you can afford to pay for it, use Oracle.
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