Is there a FREE web based tool for submitting certificates for signing?


Is there any free web based tool for submitting certificates for signing, and then actually signing them.... sort like creating your own verisign web site?


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SunBowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure if this helps. PKI requires several servers, including detached from network, for security, as well as staff of, I think 5 min., again security, where no one works system without being watched. As such, this type of service cannot be considered as capable of being a free tool.

Where there are agreements in place to use info from providers, there may be room for tools to enhance parts of the process.
do you want to hand out certificates to be used elswhere, or do you want sign web pages?

To generate your own certificates, you may use openssl.
This isn't a tool to let you run a certificate signing service, but if what you want are free certificates for testing purposes, see

You can get free Web certs, SET certs, or VPN certs.  Effectively you will submit a certificate request and it will issue you the appropriate certificate.

Mark BC
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