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Protocol implemenattion


I am in need of any site or link which had good implementation of any protocol.

I dont need code of a protocol . the best design practises in the protocols.

Material should be exhaustive to deal with nook and corner of protocols.

u may see whay cant u use google to find it ! i have aldready used but i did not get very good link.

kindly dont mistake this as home work ..

If anyone aldraedy worked on protocols kindly share ur knowledge on best design practises.

1 Solution
Your question is too general.

Could you be a little more specific?

I agree with Axter, you request is too wide. (It is like asking: What is the best design for sorting data?) There is no 'best design practice for protocols'. snoeglers link certainly describes protocols (BTW: thanks for the link!), but doesn't really care too much about implemantation. If I have to work on a CAN bus for measurement equipment, the design would be completely different from inplementing a time service on a UNIX box (with the exception that I will use a protocol).
Protocols are only the agreement how to transmit data. I work with groups one of them implementing our own protocol in Assembler, the other using OO ... using the ressources they have.

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havman56Author Commented:
[axter writes]
  Could you be a little more specific?

I dont have any specific protocol . but i need it in communication domain. that is any protocols like IP works,telecom domain .

i knew the question is not specific.
for ex: 1. if i use packetising the data  how my memory model should work generally .

2. Is can i impelment entire stack as thread or driver which is the best pros and cons of it ..

3. How effectively i can have protocol design from OS point of view.

such kind of general issues ..

I worked on lot of protocols but still i could not find any generic way to guarantee the best way of impelmenting.

Thanks for the link. I had seen aldready . But no specific area of in depth analysis of protocol i could find.

Thnaks for ur efforts.


yes i do agree of your statemnt each protocol needs differnt implementaion.
But there may be some effective practises ,merits and demerits in each design.

I want to know soem issues of this sort.

Thanks for all who had given some feed backs.
expecting a answer !!

Don't expect too much on that ...

havman56Author Commented:
if u dont know leave it why u want to poke nose in everything.

i am expecting a answer some one may give me .
Did you ever consder that I might be an expert in that area and understand what you are asking for? I worked many years on embedded systems implementing protocols ...

But if you think I shouldn't care ... I will respect your request.

havman56Author Commented:
>>But if you think I shouldn't care ... I will respect your request.

hey sorry for my comments i do apologise!!!

expecting good comments ........

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havman56Author Commented:
Thanks for all for helping me..
eventhogh i did not got entire details but i got some knowledge out of it!!
I was looking for just the same thing and posted a similar question (which I will delete, due to lack of response). Been implementing protocols for over 20 years and still have seen no good coverage of this topic.
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