Sound and internal modem doesn't work after upgrading to Win2K from Win98

I recently upgraded from Win98 to Win2000. I did a clean install, deleting the existing partition, formatting then installing Win2000.

Now the sound doesn't work and Windows won't find my internal modem (i connected an old external one without a problem).
Also, i only have 2 com ports - Com1 & Com2 (the 2 external ones), when i would have sworn that i had a Com3 before (i thought this was where my modem was).

In the device manager, under 'Other Devices', there are 3 devices that are not functioning:
- 'Multimedia Audio Controller'
- 'PCI Input Device'
- 'PCI Simple Communications Controller'

I have a Hewlett Packard Pavillion 8509 and I think i have a Rockwell Compatible Modem and a Sound Blaster 16 sound card.
Creative say they don't make a Sound Blaster 16 driver... does this mean i need to invest in a new sound card?

I tried installing a rockwell modem on Com1 and Com2, but it couldn't find it. It doesn't give me the option of installing on Com3.

any ideas?
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Umm yeah it sounds like Win2000 does not like this particular card. There is some hardware Win2000 refuses to work with and I think that isthe case here. If you get a replacement make sure it says on the box that it will work on Win2000. You might need to get two seperate cards. One as a modem and one as the sound card. I had to replace both my sound card and modem because they were not compatible with Win2000.
Well it sounds like a case of legacy equipment. HP and Compag have a habit of building their machines to primarily work and be optimized for the OS that it was built for. Meaning that they aren't built with idea of being able to upgrade to another OS.It also sounds like the BIOS may not fully support Plug and Play which Win2000 rely's on. Sound cards and modems are realitively cheap. For expermentation sake you might try getting a cheap sound card that is rated to work on Win2000 and see if it will install. If it does then do the same with the modem.

You might find out if the BIOS can be flashed and possibly bringing it inline with being more cooperative with Win2000

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From one of the links I provided.

"Hewlett-Packard does not support Windows 2000 Professional or Windows NT on any models of HP Pavilion PCs."

"An HP Pavilion PC may be successfully upgraded to Windows 2000. Before installing Windows 2000, make sure that the system has the appropriate hardware and drivers to be compatible with Windows 2000 Professional."

Your model seems to be listed as upgradable to Win2000 and seems to have a BIOS update which you will need to make the system compatible with Win2000. You should make sure you flash the BIOS and have the updated drivers at the ready BEFORE installing Win2000. If you have already install Win2000 then I would suggest reformatting the disk and start fresh with the BIOS flash and the new drivers.
WARNING flashing the BIOS is not for the feint of heart. Things can and do go wrong when doing this. And if something does go wrong such as flashing with the wrong version it can cause the system to become unusable. If you are leary of doing this then take your system to a known reliable technicaian and have them do it for you.
pinkoAuthor Commented:
I actually tried to do the bios update that the HP site lists for my model, but it didn't work - when i booted from the bios update disk it said something was missing (?).

I'll persevere with the Bios upgrade and let you know how i go. I'll also try to get my hands on another sound card.
pinkoAuthor Commented:
Ok, i got the BIOS upgrade sorted, but alas, it didn't solve my problem.
It looks like i have a combination Riptide sound card/modem.
I tried physically removing the card and rebooting and the devices that had errors disappeared from the device manager. So i put the card back in and windows wouldn't detect it. I tried manually reinstalling through searching for new hardware etc, stepping through the windows hardware troubleshooter, manually installing a 3rd com port, etc but nothing would get windows to acknowledge that I have a new card.

Is it possible that the problem is unique to this card? If i go out and buy another card, is there any guarantee that windows will detect it?

Any other suggestions?
pinkoAuthor Commented:
OK, will do.
I was thinking of investing in a USB modem/hub anyway, 'cause i've run out of USB Ports...
Question: If i get a sound card from an NT box and put it in my Win2K box, is it likely to work?
>>>If i get a sound card from an NT box and put it in my Win2K box, is it likely to work?

I would say the chances are pretty good but not 100%. :>)
pinkoAuthor Commented:
oh well, the NT box I was going to get a card from actually had the sound card built into the motherboard (it was at work).
I forked over some cash and got me a Sound Blaster PC128 Digital and that's workin nicely, so guess i'm off to buy a modem now.

thanks for your help.
You are welcome. :>)
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