TV card on XP

I'm running XP pro I have had trouble for some time with it locking up while running various apps. It freezes everything so I can't even call up task mgr. The most recent error from event viewer is
acpi AMLI: ACPI BIOS is attempting to read from an illegal IO port address (0x71), which lies in the 0x70 - 0x71 protected address range. This could lead to system instability. Please contact your system vendor for technical assistance.

I show my SB Live and ATI TV card sharing irq 3 and pulling up device manager for the capture card reboots the machine. SB Live won't allow resource changes and irq 5 is not being used.
Oh..damn as I go on I'm seeing so many possible responses that I hate to even ask. Can I set the PCI slot in my BIOS? Is this a case of a device that just wont work with the NT systems HAL? I may format the primary and start fresh since it's been 3 years on 98 but oh what a pain.  
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Kyle SchroederConnect With a Mentor Endpoint EngineerCommented:
Its pretty likely that ACPI is the cause of your pain...the SB Live cards really really want to have their own IRQ, and have major issues with sharing.  As jhance said, provide some details about the system, especially the motherboard make/model or if its an "off the shelf" Dell, HP or Compaq, the precise model number.  On some boards its possible to disable ACPI in the BIOS, then make the same change in WinXP.  Check your BIOS under PnP/PCI Configuration section (for Award BIOS...)

Another possible solution is to try moving the SB Live to a different PCI slot.  You'll want to avoid slot 1 (next to the AGP slot) as this slot typically shares an IRQ with the AGP slot which can lead to video stability/performance issues.  Try the 3rd or 4th slot and see if that helps.

Also ensure you're running the latest drivers for your ATI TV card and the SB Live.  There are several ATI TV cards, this page:
indicates that the ATI-TV PCI card is not WinXP compatible.  There is an updated ATI Multimedia center application (v7.1) at which is for the ATI TV Wonder/TV WonderVE which may help.

First, you've said nothing about your system.  If you are getting ACPI BIOS errors I suspect your hardware and/or BIOS are not XP compatible.  Check with your system or motherboard vendor for compatibility.

I suspect this since you say:

>>start fresh since it's been 3 years on 98 but oh what a pain.

If this system is 3+ years old, then the possibility that it is not XP compatible is quite high.
I might have a lot of bad things to say about XP's annoyware 'features' but one thing I've found is that it is compatible with dang near everything...  We've tested it here on everything from an old P2 laptop to our various design prototype motherboards and there hasn't been any such thing as not XP compatible.  I suspect the system in question has BIOS that's just buggy and wants an update.
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hvbarthAuthor Commented:
I've got a AMD 750 Tbird on an FIC KA7-100 mainboard ATI 16 meg agp video card realtek nic sblive. no modem and both serial ports are disabled. Award Bios dated 8/2000 with nothing new that I could find. Netscape 4.07 crashes always, Civ 3 game locks it up and netscape 6 is no picnic either. The browsers however allow termination via task mgr.  
"Netscape 4.07 always crashes...."
That's more due to all the new html codes and javascript that it wasn't designed to handle. Netscape 6 is a beast too, best version I have found out of the sixes is 6.1, 6.2 seems to have got some new bugs.
hvbarthAuthor Commented:
I have this turkey whooped I think. I changed the PCI PnP settings in bios and that SB live jumped over to IRQ5...It seems ok so far. Thanks to all dogztar gets the cookies here I'd say.
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
You said its a "FIC KA7-100" motherboard...FIC doesn't have this model, but Abit does (I have the almost exact same board, a KA7 which is minus the ATA-100 RAID controller).  It can be pretty finicky.  There is an excellent resource for this board located at:

This FAQ is so good that Abit links to it from their own tech support pages!  You might want to look through it sometime, there is a lot of great info in there.

Glad I could help!

saw this problem a couple of years ago with a FIC mobo.
did you do the original build or did someone do it for you? the FIC board I worked on had to have the SB Live added after the install of the operating system otherwise setup would not complete properly. you probably emulated the same sort of fix by resetting the BIOS.
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Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
>>Comment from hvbarth  Date: 03/06/2002 01:56AM CST  
I have this turkey whooped I think. I changed the PCI PnP settings in bios and that SB live jumped over to IRQ5...It seems ok so far. Thanks to all dogztar gets the cookies here I'd say.  
I agree, as does the questioner...

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