MySQL & PROXY woes

Hi, I had some strange errors appearing in my db lately where only one of the sql's actually "executed" on the insert page of a web form etc. Then I sort of stumbled accross the fact that the people experiencing this problem are running through a proxy server that was/could be out dated/delayed.
So, my question, can a proxy cause problems with mysql, and if so, is there a way I can force the browser to ignore the proxy?
Asking the client to disable the proxy is not an option due to the logistics and people forgetting or blatantly refusing, so I need a solution that doesn't involve cooperation from the user whatsoever.


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BatalfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems very strange if this problem is related to use of proxy.

The client(with or without proxy) sends a request to your server. On your server, only one of the insert-statement is executed. This seems to me like a problem on your server.

A problem though, which could occure is that all the users behind a proxy is identified with the same IP-address. This could cause problems if you identify our visitors by Ip-adress etc.
As above.

It's kind of like this:
* Client asks for webpage (connects to and sends 'GET').

* Proxy checks if it has that page cached on it's hard disk, if not it then connects to the site and requests the page ('GET /index.php?page=news&id=44').

* Site server process the page, connects to relevant MySQL servers and does what is is supposed to, then it sends the processed page to the proxy.

* Proxy gives you the site.

A proxy server acts as a middle man, and cannot in any way affect the page that is been generated by the server.
If people are using a proxy there is nothing you can do to bypass it.  Usually they are using it, because it is the only way they can get access to webservers.

As such the proxy often performs 2 seperate services:

1. "Proxying" connections to the actual webserver
2. Caching content that was already accessed

These are two completely independent functions of course.  Many dynamic content applications (like yours) are interfered with by service #2, where the proxy server is attempting to cache content.

People use all sorts of tricks to try and convince the proxy server so that it does not think it has the same page cached.  To answer your question, the first things I would suggest:

Make sure that url's are in fact unique.  You can always generate a meaningless url parameter using and MD5 hash or timestamp, that makes the URL look different each time your page is generated.

Also you should look into the various <META > statements that are available to address this as a start

   CONTENT="Sun, Apr 1 2001 13:00:00 GMT">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">

Many proxy servers unfortunately don't even look at this data, so you might also want to read more about the topic here:

Regardless, I would agree with what others have stated in sharing a degree of skepticism that your problem is directly connected to a proxy server issue, although it may exacerbate your issue.  It could also be a timeout issue or logic problem.  I'd suggest building in some more diagnostic information on the backend, to help you pinpoint better when things start to go wrong.

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psimationAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys
Sorry, this question got completely lost.

There was a while when I didn't receive any mail from EE, so sorry about that.

I don't know what to do with this question, that problem has sorted itself out long ago, so plz give me sugestions?
Allocate the points and close the question.
psimationAuthor Commented:
better yet, i'll give 50% to each of you, how's that?
psimationAuthor Commented:
oops, make that 33,3% almost forgot batalf

Well it's 50 points, but do what you feel is proper.

Very few people answer questions here for the points (I certainly don't) but a point total is something that's a small validation of the help one has provided to others.  

It took you 8 months to actually close this question.  It's great that you actually did that when far too many people post a question, get the help, and never return.  

Nevertheless, if you want to know my honest opinion, if you feel that everyone who answered really helped you out, then I'd say give all three fifty points.  

psimationAuthor Commented:
well, like I said, no one's suggestions actually helped me, but at least 3 ppl tried...
So, I will try to get CS to allocate 20 points each,
again, the 8 months was not my fault, I post lots of questions on EE and cannot keep track of them all, I rely 100% on the EE email to tell me that someone has made a new comment on a question, if I don't receive any, I wouldn't know, I had some free time the last coupke of days and decided to manually go through all my questions to check up, hence my postings here.

Again, thanks for all the suggestions and comments. Hope you guys can help me with some other problem in future.

You asked to split points. I have reduced the points on this question from 50 to 20 as indicated by your request at Community Support. Please copy the URL and create a new question in this topic area for the other Experts to whom you wish to award points. The title of the question should read "Points for", followed by the Expert's name. In the question itself, you should paste the link to the original question and perhaps a comment stating that the points are for their help with that question. Once you have created the new questions, you can go back to the original, and accept the comment from the Expert for whom you did not create a new question. The Experts will  comment in your new "Points for" question(s), which you then accept and grade to close.
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Thank you.

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