Dialog and Console


I am working in a MFC Dialog.

Now this application also needs to be invoked as a Command Line application. I know that I can make use of CWinApp::CCmdLineInfo method. But I have not used earlier.Can I make use of this or should I use anything else ?

If anybodu had used tips would be appreciated.Also suggest me how to implement it.

ALso for a dialog based application error message will get displayed in the form of a Message Box. But for this command line application, I want to display the same error message in the console instead of dialogs/message boxes.Pls let me know how to do the same.

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Please clarify.

1)  Are you creating a GUI application that is started from the command-line with parameters?

2)  Are you making a console app?

3)  Are you making a GUI app that just takes flags?
gurukgAuthor Commented:

Basically mine is a dialog based application. I have developed it as a Dialog based application usng MFC - APPWIZARD.

Now I want to enable this application as a console based application also.

Hope this clears your doubt.

Is your plan:
  if command-line arguments are present, treat it as console
  if none are present, treat it as GUI

If so, is it to be presented as GUI when launched from the command-line without arguments?
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gurukgAuthor Commented:
I do not know whether I have given my explanation correctly

I accept that if there are command line traet it as Console
But How will I know whether this is a command line based application or not.

For example, by default a MFC dialog based application will not have CommandLineInfo member.

I need to explicitly declare this in InitInstance method of App Class right.

Assume that I had declared this.

Now, my question is how to parse the parameters or how to check for arguments ?

Also, if it is console based application, then I DO NOT WASNT THE DIALOG BOX OR ANY MESSAGE BOXES TO BE DISPLAYED.


gurukgAuthor Commented:
Hi Trisk,

I have done some little R&D which I thought I would like to share.

There is a member called m_lpCmdLine which will give you the command line arguments. I feel this would be helpful.

Ok. I used this.

Assume that from the command prompt I give the following:

I expect the arguments in this form. If the inputs/arguements are not in this form then I would like to print a message in the console itself stating that "Invalid arguments..Usage is..bla..bla..."

How will I achieve this from my DIALOG BASED APPLICATION.

Pls explain me.

Or if this is not possible should I recreate my project as a Win32Console based application ?

Thanks in advance
With the m_lpCmdLine, you'll have to parse the arguments yourself.  You'll get everything entered on the command-line as one string (m_lpCmdLine) and you should call something like strtok() or just scan the string looking for spaces to determine where the next argument resides.

gurukgAuthor Commented:
Hi Trisk,

I have done that.
Everything is coming.

But when invalid number of arguements are typed I want to tell the user that you have entered invalid number of arguements in the console itself directly.

How will I do this ?

Hang on...
I'm investigating "WriteConsole()"
gurukgAuthor Commented:
Hi Hines,
Thanks a lot for your effort

Get it for me.

For the parameters, you may use __argc and __argv, they are global variables that contain the command line arguments:
int __argc - number of arguments
char __argv[] - list of arguments

Wenderson Teixeira
gurukgAuthor Commented:
Hi wenderson,

I got the command line arguements.
Now I want to popup the error in the console itself If I invoke the application from command line

The question is
   How do you display back to the original console calling the program.
I've looked at a lot of options and have not figured it out yet.
If you're in a hurry, you may want to write it as one type only (console OR dialog)
gurukgAuthor Commented:
Hi Trisk,

Yes. That's want I want to do.
if I am allowed to display error message in a separate window then I can call AllocCOnsole right.

But Trisk, I have an idea. Pls validate this:

1)Type your exe name other arguements from the console

2)Now in the code I can get the handle of this CONSOLE window tight just by using API's like FindWindow() .

3 With this handle, can I call WriteConsole for whom I will pass this current console/command window's handle to output the error messages.


I tried that.  No display was given.
gurukgAuthor Commented:
Hi Trisk,

Will this be article of any use ?Pls validate:
Search MSDN for
"Calling CRT Output Routines from a GUI Application"

I could not understand this.

Maybe you could do the other way, create a console application, or just add the define _CONSOLE and change the /subsystem:windows to /subsystem:console in the compiling options, than, if there isn't any command line parameters, you can create a dialog, otherwise, display the messages using a simple printf.
This should work.
By the way, I understood that you already have the command line parameters, I was just pointing out that __argc and __argv are easier to use than lpCmdLine, because the parameters are already correctly parsed, including long file names that contains spaces, ex.:
test "C:\My Folder\My File.TXT"

gurukgAuthor Commented:

But if I create a console based application, if I want to display a dialog then I need to go for SDK Programming right.

I have been asked to develop the application as a Dialog based MFC application.

That's my problem.

I tried the MSDN suggestion and it obviously grabbed the wrong window handle.  I saw a flash of a message on my screen (not in the console window).

I'll keep trying.
I last tried this inside the InitInstance()

     if (m_lpCmdLine[0] != '\0')
          auto     FILE *hf;
          auto     int hCrt = _open_osfhandle((long)
               GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE), _O_TEXT);

          hf = _fdopen( hCrt, "w" );
          *stdout = *hf;
          int i = setvbuf( stdout, NULL, _IONBF, 0 );
          fprintf(hf, "asdf %s asdf", m_lpCmdLine);
          return FALSE;

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