IIS 5 - how to setup a sub domain?

currently i am accessing my intranet with following URL:
(virtual site)

how do i setup the IIS to have it popup with following URL:

All of this is hosted on a Windows2000 server, IIS5, ADS.
and runs as a intranet solution.

I did setup a site, but something must be wrong!!

thanks in advanced!!
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AndresMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Run "New Site Wizard", and publish the intranet on the new site using one of this three options:
1- Same IP as www.domainname.com, but different port (the users must type the port in their browsers, like intranet.domainname.com:8005).
2- Diffent IP as www.domainname.com. (you have to add the new Ip to the server).
3- Host headers (this works ok if your site don't use SSL, and also I think if your clients has browsers http 1.1 compilant).
Of course you clients must know the IP (new or not deppending if you choose option 2 or 1) of intranet.domainname.com, so you have to create an entry in a DNS server.
Hope this helps.
LotharGoresAuthor Commented:
Hi, Solved it Yesterday, reentering my DNS entry for the subdomain.

Thanks anyway for you time and efford.
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