Net share invitation not shown in RTF


I made a share calendar in Outlook 2000 and sent invitation to some users. However, some of them can accept the invitation and some of them cannot becaue the invitation they recieved was just a plain text without any button.

Their computer already added the net share feature, with SR1.

I am quite sure the mail format doesn't change when outgoing from mail server

Any Idea please?

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starlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
some programs don't accept rtf messages.. you are sure they are all using outlook?
psst... starl, also don't forget to mention the following.

1) If Outlook is configured in Corp/Workgroup -- make sure that the persons contact record is marked to receive Outlook Rich Text always.  (Open contact of person receiving plain text copy.  Double click on email address. Check box, OK, Save record.  Reinvite person.)

2) If Outlook is configured in Internet Mail Only mode -- open contact record of person receiving plain text version and verify that the record isn't marked with the send as plain text only (just below email address).

3) netfolders is only supported under Outlook 98 and 2000. Make sure they installed the component. (It is an optional under both versions.)

C ya,
yes, oh great one - thank you from your humble servant

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<lol> na.... i just want to be the driving force behind the person doing the suggestions.  (kinda fun in just chiming in for a quick reminder and then popping back out.)

Your friendly eccentric,
percy_kAuthor Commented:
Thx man,

The problem machine is configured in corp/workgroup, I am not show if they need to click the option you mentioned because they using Server's address through address book.
The option is for send message in RTF but not recieve, isnt it?

They are all using Outlook 2000 and with the netfolders component installed

Here's some more information:

One machine's problem solved after I apply the SR-1.

One machine's problem solved after I reconfigured it to Internet Only, and change it back to Corp/workgroup again.

And now 2 remained machines still has the problem even after applied SR-1 and mail support reconfigured.

I really get mad....

percy_kAuthor Commented:
I mean they using server's addressbook through LDAP
percy_kAuthor Commented:
I mean they using server's addressbook through LDAP
The setting controls how a message is sent not received.  So it is absolutely imperative that the one doing the invite under Outlook 2000 Corp/Workgroup causes the item to be sent in the TNEF format.  The easiest way is the add the person to the contact folder and mark the record to always receive items in Outlook rich text.

So to recap...
1) Temporarily add the person to the contact folder of who is sending the netfolder invite

2) Double click on email address in the contact record and tick the box to always send in Rich Text Format.

3) Make sure that the message format is set to Rich Text Format under Tools | Options | Mail Format.

4) Do the invite

5) Wait for the acceptance

6) Make sure data is replicating

Outside of that here are the things I know for sure.

1) Netfolder is flakey.
2) Netfolders was removed from Outlook 2002
3) Not sure if there is an LDAP property that is equivalent to the box being described. (Found a whole bunch of properties for name, address, phone, email address, .etc -- but not that one.
percy_kAuthor Commented:
thanks for the advice, I just told the users to try this.
Just wondering Microsoft remove this feature from Outlook2002 because it suck?

The idea of basing replication on messages/attachments is hard to swallow because data ends up missing if the message is munched during transit.  I think the other reason that it dropped was it wasn't scalable.  Anything past 2MB is data is difficult to keep in sync.
percy_kAuthor Commented:
Ok It really make me embarrassed but I think I still good to close this question.

The true is, after I get crazy for this problem a month. The problem user just in town for business meeting and has chance to show me his nice laptop.
He told me he using Outlook 2000, and also told me he applied the SR1 I asked him for. So you guys would understand my feeling and how much I want to kick his ass when he show me the OUTLOOK EXPRESS!!!
Even it is not really a technical soulution, starl you could have the point.

When other user have a look in the whole thread before they spend pts in this question~~
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