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applet class not found

hai experts,
      i downloaded the applets when tried to implement it i am getting error class not found.so can anyone please help me in this matter.if u have any good barchart applets and line chart applet other than this please let me know.
Print "<applet name=mychart codebase='/'  
                 code=nfbarchartapp.class width=450  
'Print "<applet name=mychart
                code=nfbarchartapp.class width=450
Print "<param name=nfparamscript  
       bottomticklayout=  (auto,0,1)'" &">"
     Print "</applet>"

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1 Solution
Hello saleem,

the applet invocation parameter "codebase" is an archive containing your "mychart" class.
If you do not have an archive (jar or zip) then place your class so that it can be fetched. To place this class correctly and to invoke it correctly, is important to know where from do you call this applet (is it a Notes Form or an Agent?).

So long,
saleemkhanAuthor Commented:
  i trying to implement the applet in an agent.i place the class file in data directory as well as html directory.still same error like class not found.

OK saleem,

you can not give it with drive letter D:
you have to make it relative to Domino server.

Place your class (is it a single class or do you have archives?) into \LotusR5\Domino\data\domino\html\ directory.
If located there, it can be called from a web page with root forward slash. Like this:
Print "<applet code=/nfbarchartapp.class width=450 height=256>"

You see what I mean?

Codebase was not archive, sorry, archive is parameter like ARCHIVE=netcharts.jar, but I assume you use no archives.

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Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
Hi Saleem,
I sent you a sample database with a barChart applet I use from Object Planet.
There's a sample form included and the applet is loaded as an applet resource in the database.
The form demonstrates all possible parameters for the applet.

To use the applet from an agent, have a look at the documentation of the applet.

Just read the readme.html document to see how to use the applet in a page.

If you put the .jar file in the root directory of your domino html folder (located in D:\lotus\domino\html in your case) and use the following statement to print a simple sample applet :
print {
<applet code="com.objectplanet.gui.BarChartApplet"
width=350 height=250 archive=com.objectplanet.gui.BarChartApplet.jar name="BarChart">
<param name="sampleValues" value="100, 200, 300, 400, 500">

To see what parameters you need to use, look at the documentation or the sample form in the included database.

Hello saleem,

do please copy the complete directory,
'd:\lotus\domino\data\visual mining\netcharts4.0\netcharts\classes\

After you have a copy of "classes" directory under domino\html you can write your agent like this:
Sub Initialize
  Print |<html><body>|
  Print |<applet name=mychart codebase='/classes'
                code=netcharts.apps.NFBarchartApp width=450  
  Print |<param name='NFParamScript' value='
ChartName             = "Selectable Bars";
ChartType             = BARCHART;
ChartWidth            = 450;
ChartHeight           = 250;
Background            = (white,NONE,3,null,TILE,black);
BottomTics            = ("ON",black,"SansSerif",10,0,null);
DataSets              = ("Sales in U.S.",null,BAR,4,FILLED);
DataSet1              = 100,125,245,147,67,200,100,150,300,75,125,250;
BarLabels             = "Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec";
DwellLabel            = ("",black,"Courier",12,0);
GraphType             = GROUP;
Header                = ("Monthly Unit Sales--Domestic",black,"SansSerif",14,0);
HeaderBox             = (null,NONE,2,null,TILE,black);
LeftScale             = (null,null,null);
LeftTics              = ("ON",black,"SansSerif",10,0,null);
LeftTitle             = ("Units Sold",black,"SansSerif",12,90);
BarWidth              = 61;
Bar3DDepth            = -1;
DataAxis              = (BOTTOM,LEFT),(BOTTOM,LEFT),(BOTTOM,LEFT);
Grid                  = (lightgray,null,black,null,TILE);
DwellLabelBox         = (yellow,RAISED,3,null,TILE,black);
Legend                = ("",black,"Helvetica",10,0);
LegendAxis            = (BOTTOM,LEFT);
LegendLayout          = (VERTICAL,RIGHT,0,0,TOPLEFT,-1);
LegendBox             = (null,NONE,1,null,TILE,black);
ColorTable            = x6C00B0;#xd7bad6,xa1bbee,xc0c1a1,xf0cbae,x958f91;
LeftColor             = black;
GridAxis              = (BOTTOM,LEFT);
GridLine              = (HORIZONTAL,SOLID,1);
BottomColor           = black;
BarBorder             = (NONE,1,black);
AntiAlias             = "ON";
StackLabel            = ITEM;
BottomTicLayout       = (AUTO,0,1);
           ' >|
  Print |</applet>|
  Print |</body></html>|
End Sub
Be also aware of the correct uppercase/lowercase spelling of class name and parameter strings.

Good luck,

Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
There you go, a perfect copy/paste solution from our friend, zvonko :-)
JM, do you know how frustrating for user is when they pay to open this question and then read:
>"I sent you a database"
<"Oh, thanks. It worked"

Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
Well, they can always ask me to send them a copy too :-)

Anyway, I gave up on this due to lack of time to evaluate the applet saleem is using.

I prefer the applet from ObjectPlanet, because that one can easily be imported in domino as an applet resource and configured using the values of fields in a form for example and it's a lot smaller too :-)

Have a look at http://objectplanet.com if you're interested.

Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
Sometimes I think it would be interesting if you could upload a file to EE. The questioner should then be able to remove the file from the question if he feels it didn't help.
But then I think, maybe this would fill up the hard drives of the EE servers too quickly and forget about it :)
there are planty abandoned questions laying around. Imagin additional garbage :-)

(nothing against your pastable applet JM :-)
Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
Just received an email from saleem that he couldn't get it to work using our comments.
Not sure where the problem is, using your comment it should work I think.
I have tested it before pasting, of course <|:-)

(I hate this whisper behind the curtain :-)

What error does he get? I told him he should be aware of Uppercase/Lowercase spellings. I am preaty sure browser is loding the applet, showing its licence screen, and then reporting some garbage :-)

Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
Don't know. I'll pass you his email address if you like :-)
saleemkhanAuthor Commented:
hi zvonko and jerrith,
  yes its worked.i found where i am wrong.actually when i downloaded the applet from net it created folder a
visaul manning\netcharts beans 3.71\netchart beans\... like this and i keep on fighting with the applet class not found.

so now as per ur comments what i did just is i copied the classes folder in html directory.so its worked .so here i am wrong.

Any way thanks for ur kind cooperation and valuable info.

Thanks once again.
Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
Thought, that was were you went wrong :-)
Anyway, you're welcome.
Thank you saleem for the points and for the feedback :-)

'til next time,

PS: JM, thank you for entertainment :-)
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